Hi, I’m Aron.

I’m a software developer based in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I work at Scampersand building modern web applications for clients.

I’m a Pythonista and a Djangonaut. Lately I’ve been using django-allauth and django-rest-framework to build OAuth and API-powered sites. I’m a big fan of twelve-factor apps, well-tested code, and using Vagrant or Docker for isolated development.

Prior to writing software for the web, I spent a number of years working on low-level operating system software. I wrote a Gigabit Ethernet driver for Tru64 UNIX, led the merge of Xen/IA-64 into Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and I was one of the founding developers of the Gentoo Linux distribution.

In the corner of my office there’s a stack of frisbees and my cleats. Nothing gets my attention more quickly than an offer to toss a disc, and on summer evenings you’ll find me out on the field grinning like a maniac as I’m cutting, marking, hucking and bidding with my ultimate frisbee team.

Ultimate has a concept called Spirit of the Game, which refers to competing without sacrificing mutual respect, adherence to the rules, or the joy of play. It’s something I love about ultimate, and an ideal to which I aspire in my work as well. I strive to be patient and gracious under pressure, to speak respectfully and listen in turn.

Below you’ll find some things I’ve written, as well as links to some other places you can find me online. I’m curious how you got here and what project you have in mind; please get in touch and let’s talk about it.



Memories of programming BASIC on the family Atari

Load virtualenvwrapper on demand

Loading virtualenvwrapper.sh adds a second every time you launch a shell. Get that second back!

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