httplib uses print for debugging

UPDATE: Duck-typing to the rescue

At work we have a production site that uses httplib (via httplib2) on the server to communicate with internal servers using a RESTful API. When something doesn’t work as expected in this process, we like to know about it, so our app sends email with the exception traceback and whatever relevant data we can pull together.

One of the pieces of data I’d like to add to the email is the conversation between our server and the internal servers. On a development server, this is easy: Set httplib2.debuglevel=1 and watch the HTTP conversations scroll past on stdout.

On a staging or production server, one quickly discovers a crippling mistake made by the httplib authors: the library uses Python’s “print” for debugging!

If the application were single-threaded, we could capture the trace by temporarily redirecting sys.stdout to an instance of StringIO (maybe using a context manager). Sure, it’s more load on the server to capture the debug on every transaction, but I’ll gladly pay that price for the hours we’ll save when something goes wrong and we have the ability to debug it.

But it doesn’t matter, because we haven’t this option. Our app is multi-threaded and sys.stdout is global. We would have to serialize our HTTP transactions to prevent traces from being mixed together. Or fork to isolate sys.stdout. These aren’t realistic approaches.

This sort of unfortunate shortcoming is to be expected in add-on libraries. After all, part of the reason they’re not included with Python is that they don’t necessarily meet the quality requirements of the core distribution. But I’m taken off-guard to find such an obvious shortcoming in the Python standard library. One of the things I’d hope to assume by using the standard library is a trust in the quality of the implementation, but a discovery like this forces me to question that assumption.

I’m pretty new to Python, so maybe I’m missing something. Is httplib a particularly poor example of the Python standard library? The existence of httplib2 seems to imply that (and also seems to imply that it’s hard to get problems fixed in the core distribution). Maybe I need to find an add-on networking library that ignores httplib entirely…?

Originally posted on the n01se blog.