Neovim nightlies revisited

Last month I kicked off Neovim nightly builds in Fedora COPR. Since then something interesting happened: the maintainer for the Neovim package in Fedora accepted a change to build Neovim with LuaJIT instead of Lua 5.3.

This is significant because Neovim upstream explicitly depends on Lua 5.1 (which LuaJIT implements). Most open source projects use semantic versioning (major.minor.patch) so version 5.3 would normally indicate a non-breaking update to version 5.1. But Lua is an outlier—it doesn’t use semantic versioning. Here’s what Lua’s versions page says (emphasis mine):

The releases of Lua are numbered x.y.z, where x.y is the version and z is the release.

Different releases of the same version correspond to bug fixes. Different releases of the same version have the same reference manual, the same virtual machine, and are binary compatible (ABI compatible).

Different versions are really different…

By switching the Neovim package to use LuaJIT, the Fedora package ensures compatibility with Lua code in the core Neovim package as well as external plugins written against the Lua 5.1 API.

Also, you just might notice it’s faster.

Since this change landed in Fedora, I updated the nightly COPR builds to do the same. I also cleaned up the build process using rpkg spec templates instead of messily rewriting the spec for each update. See neovim.spec.rpkg and python-neovim.spec.rpkg

One more thing: if you’re on Fedora 31 (Rawhide) there’s no longer a python2-neovim package because Python 2 will be EOL shortly after Fedora 31 release.

sudo dnf copr enable agriffis/neovim-nightly
sudo dnf upgrade neovim python3-neovim     # Fedora 31/Rawhide
sudo dnf upgrade neovim python{2,3}-neovim # Everybody else